To our future guests …
We are pleased to introduce ourselves; My name is Oodie (or Theerayuth Kongsuwan) and my wife is Yui (or Suvimol Promthep). We are the owners and operators of the Chiang Mai Local Tours Company.

I was born to a small family in Bangkok, Thailand. When I was young I had an uncle who worked at the American Jusmag Company as a tour guide. This group was set up in Thailand during the Vietnam War. During this time he guided tour groups around Bangkok and its vicinities. As a young boy, I often followed him, and became very fond of tour guiding. I loved the adventures, wonderful experiences, and meeting interesting people from around the world.

After leaving school, I decided to work as an English speaking tour guide at both large and small hotels on and around the KhaoSan Road tourist area in Bangkok. On one occasion I had the opportunity to take a group of tourists up to Chiang Mai, a popular providence in the north of Thailand with its breathtaking capital that shares the same name. After staying there for a few days, I fell in love with areas native people and their simple way of life, its stunning scenery, unique traditions, and rich culture. In addition, Chiang Mai had many interesting places to visit such as the Buddhist temples, with their unique architecture and decorations, the colorful local markets, night bazaars, weekend walking streets, and amazing flora and fauna!

I have been here now for 20 years!

I have been involved in the tourism industry ever since; spending 14 years as Tour Manager for S.K. House and then Chiang Mai Thai House. I specialized in organizing tours for people of all ages and from all walks of life. This gave me the ambition to set up a new service for travelers wanting top quality service, at reasonable rates, while giving them wonderful experiences they'll treasure forever.

With the wonderful support from my wife, who graduated from University in the Tourism Program, and help from our many local contacts and friends, (including the programmer who operated this WWW) they have encouraged me to fulfill my childhood ambitions. In 2011 Chiang Mai Local Tours was born.

Chiang Mai Local Tours will assist you, from start to finish, with your trip; organizing both private and package tours, sight-seeing, jungle trekking and eco tours - all tailored to meet your needs.

Everything is well planned and organized to cover the historical cities in the northern part of the country including Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Maehongson ,Phisanulok, and Sukhothai. We also can assist you with your travel arrangements, visas and suggested accommodation.

Our friendly, experienced, and fully qualified team are looking forward to welcoming you to our beautiful country and providing you with memories you will treasure for a lifetime!

Thank you very much.
Oodie (Theerayuth Kongsuwan)