Tour Booking

Fill up a form of the tour booking mentioning the name of tour, dates of the travelling, name of the travellers with their e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. Once you have made the reservation, one of our representatives will be in contact to confirm your booking, answer any questions you may have within 48 hours.

Conditions of tour booking

1. After having an agreement with our company “ Chiangmai Local Tours “ Please arrange a deposit of  30-50 % or a full cost for booking (Tour Package),by transferring the payment via our bank account (As stated below) or the payment transfer can be made via Pay Pal.
 Please attach an original pay-in slip via our e-mail address, then we will send you back our vouchers and receipt.
2. Please pay us for the rest of the tour costs within 15 days before the departure or following the conditions that stated on the tour programs by transferring it into our bank account. You will also receive a receipt and the confirmation documents from us by our e-mail  as well.
3. After the tour is being departed, if you want to make a cancellation in any one of the tour programs or reject the travelling. This regards as abundant of your right. We, as the Chiangmai Local Tours has a right not to refund any amount of the tour payments or a full money of the tour costs to you.

4. The Conditions of Cancellation of the Travelling.

• Cancellation 30 days before the departure. All the deposit and full costs of the tours will be refunded.
• Cancellation 15 days before the departure. 30 % of the full costs of the tour will be charged.
• Cancellation within 7-14 days before the departure. 50-70 % of the total tour costs or  from the minimum charge that is being informed to you earlier will be charged.
• Cancellation within 1-6 days before the departure. All the payments will not be refunded at all.

In case  there is a cancellation 30 days before the departure due to the duration of the festivals. Such as the New Year Eve, Sonngkran (Water Fest) or long holidays. All the tour costs that have been being paid to the company can not be refunded.

5. In case you are rejected to enter our country by the regulations of the government of the Royal Kingdom of Thailand. All the tour costs that have been being paid to our company can not be refunded as well.

6. Please take a few minutes to read these tour programs and the services of the booking conditions before making a  reservation.

Conditions of Payment.

1. Please transfer your deposit or full costs of the tours into our banks as:

1. Kasikorn Bank
Swift Code: KASI THBK
Thapae Chiang Mai Branch
Account No.103-2-12676-4
Account Name: Chiangmai  Local Tours
(Beneficiary:Theerayuth Kongsuwan)
2. Bangkok Bank
Swift Code: BKKBTHBK
Srinakornping Branch
Routing No.026008691 (For USA only)
Account No.252-4-44228-8
Account Name: Chiangmai  Local Tours
(Beneficiary:Theerayuth Kongsuwan)

Please inform your bank that you need to transfer the full amount of your money for the tour costs to the Chiangmai Local Tours without the reduction any fees or other payments.
(Beneficiary:  Theerayuth  Kongsuwan)

2. Paypal Account :