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1 Day Best Of Chiang Rai Temples (A day at White Temple, Blue Temple and Black House)



Discover the connection of three significant temple of Chiang Rai most beautiful temples. See the White Temple, Black House and the newly constructed Blue Temple.


Wat Rong Khun, commonly referred to as the White Temple, is a contemporary unconventional Buddhist and Hindu temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand. It was designed by National Artist Mr. Chalermchai Kositpipat. Construction for Wat Rong Khun began in 1997 and continues to this day.

White Temple  is different from any other temple in Thailand, as its ubosot (Pali: uposatha; consecrated assembly hall) is designed in white color with some use of white glass. The white color stands for Lord Buddha’s purity; the white glass stands for Lord Buddha’s wisdom that "shines brightly all over the Earth and the Universe."

We would like to recommend you the temple called ” Rong Suea Ten” or the Blue Temple which was built by the student of
Mr. Chalermchai Kositpipat who built The famous White Temple.
Blue Temple was established in October 27th,2005  and successfully complete in January 22nd,2016 ( The temple is already 1 year now.) It is on the area of 6 acres. Blue color represents the Dharma, the Lord Buddha virtue code of moral that spread all over the world becomes the doctrine of logically naturalistic as the bright blue sky. This temple displays the contemporary Buddhist art that implied the Lord Buddha ‘s doctrine. The concept led the Buddhist to turn back and study the Dhrama in order to apply for their daily life as well as for whom demanded to study this for withdrawal from the round of existences that called ” The 4 Noble Truths”, gospel  truth and  the Eightfold Path ( The path that lead people to the extinguish of sufferings.)

The Black House (Baan Si Dum): The House of National Artist - Dr. Thawan Duchanee
This is the residence of Dr. Thawan Duchanee who is a renowned Thai National Artist. It is also a museum. The area consists of many unique buildings. The main building is called "Baan Si Dum (The Black House)" which is at the entrance. The architecture of the buildings are very unique. There is a great collection of furniture designed by the artist, animal skins, and wood carving. Each building consists of different categories of things that inspired the artist. There is even a talking bird that will say hello to you if you happen to walk by.


6.30-7.00am: Pick up from your hotels

  • Take the nap in our comfortable car or minivan.
  • Visit Mae Khajan Hot Spring.
  • Visit the White Temple without bumping with a big tour group.
  • Visit Blue temple (Wat Rong Sua ten ).
  • Visit the Black House Museum.
  • Tea plantation and garden at Singha Park.
  • Return to your hotel at 7.00pm.

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