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Stop the clock your race against time.



The Challenge:

Stop the clock your race against time.

The Event Brief:

Take part in a fast-paced race against time exploring Chiang Mai, interact with the locals and discover real life and local culture through interactive team challenges aiming to reach the finish line first beat the clock and be the winning team!

Teams will compete over a series of cultural and activity based tasks focusing on local life and culture. Each challenge is designed for full team participation and teams will discover new skills and experiences whilst enjoy an enriching learning experience. Each task is objective based with goals set and will test your teamwork skills to the limit focusing on core objectives including planning, strategy, communication, problem solving and creativity. The team that combines the best to perform the tasks will take home the Chiang Mai Stopwatch trophy.

Program Choice:

Choose from the following event options:

Half Day – up to 4 hours, Full Day – up to 8 hours

Swatch Race.– Set program with a mix of cultural and activity tasks, set routing, travel in comfort by minivan.

Tag Heuer Race– Set program of Cultural and local based activities, includes being a local tour guide and bartering for souvenirs whilst travelling by team Tuk Tuk or team Songthew

Rolex Race– Self/Semi facilitated program of cultural and activity tasks where teamwork is the key as well as route planning and finding your own way around Hua Hin using local public transport to visit as many task points as possible within the time frame in our Race against time!

Event Pricing: Event prices start from the following group rates: 

Group Size

Swatch Race

Tag Heuer Race

Rolex Race

10 – 29

40,000 – 65,000

60,000 – 90,000

80,000 – 110,000

30 – 59

50,000 – 95,000

75,000 -  135,000

95,000 -  155,000

60 – 89

80,000 – 130,000

120,000 – 180,000

140,000 – 200,000

90 – 100

100,000 – 140,000

150,000 -195,000

170,000 -215,000