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Sky's Lanterns Festival @ Mae Ping Riverside 2018



On the night of the full moon, Thai launch their Krathong is decorated with elaborately-folded banana leaves, incense sticks, and a candle on a river and making a wish as they do so. Enjoying Lanna & Thai Culture exhibition and Traditional Buffet dinner at Kad Mua before floating lanterns into the air.


Itinerary on 22 and 23 November 2018

16.00 PM               Meet our staff at "3 Kings's Monument"                                                                       

16.50 PM               Registration at “At Pingnakornnakorn Riverside Hotel”                                                 

17.00 PM               Enjoy the riverfront atmosphere with herb drinks and learn how to make banana leaf cup "Krathong"                                                        
18.00 PM               Opening ceremony with “Nopsaripuja Mahanateesrinakornping Chiang Mai kaew Show”   

18.10 PM               Dinner in Northern Cultural Market with Traditional  Lanna Shows.                                 

19.30 PM              “Chalerm Rat Buri Sri Bo-Sang Umbrella Performance”                                                    

21.00 PM              “Phang Prathip Bucha Mahanateeping Show”                                                                     

21.10 PM              Join floating Yee Peng Lanterns to worship Phrathat Ket Kaew Churamani.                             

22.10 PM              Enjoy live music under brighten sky.                                                                                 

23.00 PM              “Kailaijen Lanna Dance Show”

Price: 2,700 Baht/person

Included: Round trip transport, English & Chinese speaking service, Traditional Lanna​ style buffet, Lantern and Krathong.

Reasons to participate in this activities:

1. The Venue at 5 star hotel situated on the riverside (Mae Ping River).

2. Less driving (only 5 kilometres from the city)                                                                                                                                                                                     
3. Join making your own Kratong with banana leaf.                                            

4. Located on a riverside (you can float your Kratong on the river)                                                                   

5. Reasonable price.