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2 Day Elephant Care and Mahout Training Course



Available Daily; You'll enjoy bathing in the river and swimming at the waterfalls in a private area, as well as feeding and watching the playful antics of the elephant. You will ride bare back (no bench or harness) while walking alongside your mahout.


Meet your tour guide at your hotel or guest house.  Then go to the local market to load up with some bananas and other fruit to feed the Elephants.  



Travel in an air conditioned minivan to the Elephants base camp located about 1 hour outside of Chiang Mai. On your arrival, you will receive instructions in the basics of elephant training theory from experienced trainers. After that, you will apply what you have learned and begin your relationship with your elephant.

There are a number of elephant camps to choose from around Chiang Mai.  The Mae Wang elephant camp treats their elephants with respect. You will have the experience of riding an elephant without seeing the scarred head you see in many other camps caused by the improper use of the hooked stick used to control the animals. 
You'll develop a feel for the personality of "Chang" or Elephant and his contentment with human company. Chang is a social animal and will happily bond with humans, as is attested by the relationship between them and their mahout.

You'll enjoy bathing in the river and swimming at the waterfalls in a private area, as well as feeding and watching the playful antics of the elephant. You will ride bare back (no bench or harness) while walking alongside your mahout.

Overnight accommodations provided in the Teak Wood House. The site is equipped with hot showers and flushable toilets.

Your training continues through out the second day until late afternoon where you will learn how to command the elephant, hike and track with them, and ride bare back while using the commands you learned during the last 2 days. 

Arrive at your hotel or guesthouse around 5:00pm - happy with your new found friendship with your elephant.

Itinerary in brief


8:30 am: Pick up from hotel/guesthouse
10:00 am: Change clothes to the traditional mahout attire.
10:30 am: Receive introduction about the Thai elephant, their lifestyle, and their behavior.
11:30 am: It is time to feed them with bananas and sugarcane.
12:30 am: Learn the basic commands and different techniques to ride elephant bareback into the jungle by yourself.
12:30 pm: Have lunch in the park.
1:30 pm: Ride the elephant bareback into the jungle.
3:30 pm: Bathe with your elephant in the river and clean their skin by brushing.
4:00 pm: Have a shower and relax.
5:00 pm: Have dinner and stay overnight in the lodge.


8:00 am: Enjoy your breakfast and learn to hike and track and bring the elephant back to the park. 
10:00 am: Learn more and practice your skills at commanding the elephants using diifferent techniques and take your elephant into the jungle and learn how they live on their own.
12:30 pm: Return to the park for lunch.
1:30 pm: Ride elephant bareback on your own.
3:00 pm: Bathe with your elephant and brush their teeth. Followed by a bath for yourself and with time to change back  into your clothes.
3:30 pm: Time to say good bye.

Tour Price
Tour type Join with group
Group size: 2-12 1 Elephant / 01 person 1 Elephant /02 person
Price per person (Thai Baht) 5990 4990

Price Includes : Transportation, Mahout clothes, Insurance, CD of your pictures 2 lunches, 1 breakfast,
1 dinner, training equipment and certificate.
What to bring : Towel, Clothes, Soap, Shampoo, Camera, Plastic bag for your camera, Mosquito spray, and Snacks.
Remark: There are 10 Elephants in the lodge with 2 babies and one coming up soon!

Note: Please disregard third party assistance in contacting us, as many will misrepresent our availability.
Contact us directly via email or phone for best information. English spoken.

10 Elephant Facts:
1. The elephant is the Earth’s largest land animal. There are two species of elephant in the world; the Asia elephant and the African elephant.

2. Asian elephants are slightly smaller than their African cousin and have smaller, more rounded, ears.

3. Asian elephant have a single “finger” on the upper lip of trunk, while African elephant have a second on the lower tip.

4. Although many thousands of domesticated Asian elephant are found in Southeast Asia, they are threatened by extinction in the wild.

5. Asian elephants have an average life span of 60 years.

6. An elephant’s trunk has many functions (smelling, breathing, trumpeting, drinking, and grabbing food!) and contains about 100,000 different muscles.

7. An adult elephant can eat up to 140 kilograms of food in a single day!

8. Elephants have a longer pregnancy than any other animal, carrying their unborn for almost 22 months!

9. You’ve heard the saying ‘an elephant never forgets’ and although this may be an exaggeration, scientists have proven that elephant can store an extraordinary amount of information in their memories. They never forget a trainer who abused them, an old injury, or a friendly face

10. An elephants wrinkled, folding skin is essential in regulating the elephant’s temperature and humidity. The wrinkles retain 5-10 times more water than smooth skin and allows the mud to stick more efficiently, keeping the animal cool.