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A One Day 4X4 Muddy Adventure (Non - Touristic route)



Available Daily; 8:00am - 6:00pm: This trip is a spectacular off road adventure. We will take you to see the dense green jungle, see the different life style of the local people and hill tribe peoples far off the regular tourist track as well as visit the village of the 5 tribes where you will meet the Karen Long Neck (Padaung), Lahu, Dara Ang or Palong and Lisu also the peaceful Buddhist temple that is over 700 year old and hidden in the jungle. You will enjoy both elephant riding and bamboo rafting along the Mae Wang River.


Meet our guide at your hotel/guest house and drive for 40 minutes to an orchid and butterfly farm before you visit the village of the 5 tribes where you will meet the Karen Long Neck (Padaung), Lahu, Dara Ang or Palong and Lisu.  The Karen use brass rings to elongate their necks.  You will have the experience of holding a set of these rings and we are sure you will be amazed by the sheer weight these woman wear around their necks and legs on a daily basis.  Next we make a short stop at a local market for some supplies before driving on paved roads through the mountains where you can enjoy picturesque views and lush green rice farms.  After a 30 minutes, you will reach the starting point of your off-road adventure.  The road is steep at times and full of deep crevasses and large rocks.  What makes this tour exciting are the places these drivers will take you.  They are professionals and road is rough with many ruts caused by years of hard rain.  If you are lucky they will also be muddy as they tend to stay dry during the warmer months.  The views this tour are spectacular and the drivers will stop anywhere for photos upon your request.  Halfway through your 4x4 adventure you will stop at Wat Luang Khun Win. The temple was built in 1217AD and was only open for about 50 years. It laid abandoned in the jungle for 700 years before its reconstruction in 1954AD. There are many temples in Thailand but this one is different and exceptional.  The main building is made of teak and the grounds house the only teak Buddha found in Northern Thailand with a teak.  The craftsmen ship is inspiring.  You just don’t see many places like Wat Luang Khun Win. It is so remote very few tourists get to enjoy its majestic beauty and many Thai’s are unaware of its existence. Following your tour of the temple you will have a provided meal before continuing on your 4x4 adventure through the jungle. The next stop is a Karen hill tribe’s village where you will witness their traditional lifestyle and playful children. The last part of your adventure takes you to the Mae Wang elephant camp where you can ride on these magnificent animals.  There are a number of elephant camps to choose from around Chiang Mai.  The Mae Wang elephant camp treats their elephants with respect.  You will have the experience of riding an elephant without seeing the scarred head you see in many other camps caused by the improper use of the hooked stick used to control the animals.  Located next to the camp you will have the opportunity to experience bamboo water rafting along the “Mae Wang River” for about 45 minutes.  The rafting is better during the wet season when the river is high and runs fast.  During the dry season when the water is low you get to see a bar that is placed in the river!!!  Tables, chairs, and all. You may get wet and splashed by the kids who swim on this river especially during SonggKran, the Thai New Year, please enjoy and splash back! During both seasons the rafting is beautiful and worth the trip.  Afterwards you will return to Chiang Mai and your hotel around 6:00pm with a big smile and a memory you will never forget.

**Please note that the tour will be done in reverse during the wet season as the roads become too muddy in the direction described above.


Tour Price




Private Arrangement tour only. Please E-Mail us for rate  Join-in with group N/A


Tour Includes:

• 4x4 jeep with gasoline (SUV)
• Skillful driver
• An English speaking tour guide - knowledgeable and certified by the TAT (the Tourism Authority of Thailand).
• Lunch, Thai food (Not too spicy)
• An elephant ride and bamboo rafting
• Drinking water
• Seasonal fresh fruits
• Cold face towel
• Travel insurance

Clothing: Spare change of clothes, towel and suitable footwear.
Note: Muddy season is Jun-Aug.
Bring your own beer!!!!!