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Riders owned and operated. Our mountain biking passion runs deep. Our goal is to provide you the MTB experience of a lifetime. As we’re the riders, we understand the needs of our customers. We promise to deliver the unforgettable mountain biking experience with high quality rental bikes and gears, best food and accommodation, cozy shuttles, great service and last but not least “the trails”. We will never stop explore the new great trails and share the experiences with you.


TRAILHEAD Rural explorer

A ride into Chiang Mai’s rural heart

You don't have to be a regular rider to enjoy it. Join us for an easy mountain bike ride through Chiang Mai countryside. Ideal activity for family enjoyment and great work out!

Ride the quiet back road through the mountain landscape and small villages. Connect with the real locals,we make lots of stops to learn about daily village life.

    Duration : 4-5 hours (full day)

    Distance : 30 km.

    Technical level : Beginner (Easy)

    Fitness condition : Average

    Attractions :

    Price : 1,990 THB per person



Description : No matter you are an amateur rider or professional this is super fun MTB tour for everyone.Challenging yourself with hill climb,having a blast with fast and flow doubletrack downhill ride through the beautiful scenery of Thailand rain forest.After ride relax and enjoy with our special water front BBQ party!

Trail Difficulty : Blue

Fitness : 3/5

Trail type : double track + single track

                 -single track 25%

                 -double track 70%

                 -pavement 5%

    total distance : 30.4 km.

    elevation gain : 548 m.

    elevation loss : 1,710 m.

    max elevation : 1,542 m.

Price: 3,490 THB



Description :This one day tour is the great opportunity to see Mhong villagers lifestyle and culture.After visited Mhong Doi Pui village and museum some excitements are waiting for you!

Our guide may lead you up and down the mountain through abandon singletrack,loose fire road,taking a brake on the spot where you can see 360 panorama views then riding on the thrilling narrow ridge.At the bottom digest the nice view of cultivated valley and end up the ride with delicious Thai food at nice local restaurant.

Trail Difficulty : black diamond

Fitness : 4/5

Trail type : single track

                -single track 90%

                -double track 10%

                -pavement 0%

    total distance : 14.2 km.

    elevation gain : 243 m.

    elevation loss : 1,121 m.

    max elevation : 1,495 m.

Price : 3,490 THB



Description : Love seeing native’s life and pure nature?If “yes” this is one of our ride you should not miss.Browsing around Mhong Khun Chang Kian village then decending and having fun riding switchback on singletrack with natural obstacles such as roots and ruts.Fresh up at the water fall that located just beside the trail.Pumping on fast double track under the shade of lychee orchard until reaching the bottom.Spend the rest of the day grill your own BBQ or swim as you wish.

Trail Difficulty : blue

Fitness: 3/5

Trail type: double track + single track

                -single track 55%

                -double track 30%

                -pavement 15%

     total distance : 16.5 km.

     elevation gain : 116 m.

     elevation loss : 1,224 m.

     max elevation : 1,493 m.

Price : 3,490 THB



Description : Heaven for elite all mountain riders.Impressed with esthetic and calmness of “Wat luang khun win”,ancient temple that hide away in the forest.

Fighting against long stiff climb and get the excited downhill singletrack ride as a reward.

Visit remote Karen hill tribe villages that shy away from civilization.

Trail Difficulty : blue

Fitness: 5/5

Trail type : double track + single track

                 -single track 70%

                 -double track 30%

                 -pavement 0%

     total distance: 23.67 km.

     elevation gain: 743 m.

     elevation loss: 1,170 m.

     max elevation: 1,122 m.

Price : 3,890 THB



Description : If you assume that you were not born for up hill ride,this combo of double 100% downhill trails is exactly what you’re looking for!

Riding Chiang mai most famous DH trail “bamboo” 9 km long single track with some features like drop and jump that made by local riders combined with natural berms,roots,rocks and ruts.Try delicious typical Thai dishes at local restaurant before round two.

Trail Difficulty : black diamond

Fitness : 3/5

Trail type: single track

                -single track 100%

                -double track 0%

                -pavement 0%

     total distance : -

     elevation gain : -

     elevation loss : -

     max elevation : -

Price : 3,490 THB