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Riders owned and operated. Our mountain biking passion runs deep. Our goal is to provide you the MTB experience of a lifetime. As we’re the riders, we understand the needs of our customers. We promise to deliver the unforgettable mountain biking experience with high quality rental bikes and gears, best food and accommodation, cozy shuttles, great service and last but not least “the trails”. We will never stop explore the new great trails and share the experiences with you.


1. ORIGINAL HIPSTER (Chiang Mai hipster)

       If “Hipster” means people who have indipendent thinking, creativity, and progressive point of views Trailhead will show you the original hipster way of our ancester.Riding slowly on modern asphalt under the shade of the old days to find out what made those people so trendy in their time? How did the invasion of different cultures influenced the typical northern culture.

Duration : 3 hours

Distance :12 km.

Attractions : Khualek (Chiang Mai Old metal bridge)

                     Gymkana Club (oldest sport club in Asia)

                     Sriprakad Hotel (109 years old hotel)

                     Wat Ket Karam Museum

Price : 1,190 THB


2. TIME TRAVELER (Chiang Mai Culture)

         Ride back in time with Trailhead. Discover Chiang Mai,exotic city was once an entirely walled square surrounded by a moat.See the aesthetic of ancient architechure.Going deep in to the root of Lanna culture,a fusion of many civilizations.Feel the spiritual beliefs that blended in every rhythm of their life. As we move our way back to the future, you’ll apprecaite harmony of old and new in this sleepy metropolis.

Duration : 3 hours

Distance : 9km.

Attractions : Wat Sri Su Pan (Silver Buddhist monastery)

                     Wat Pra Singh (The temple that houses an important Buddha statue)

                     Wat Chedi Luang(82 meters high Chedi,largest Lanna building, built in 14th century)

Price : 1,190 THB


3. LIFECYCLES (Chiang Mai way of life)

         Riding through the intricate network of narrow winding streets you’ll have a glimpse into the local’s way of life. Seeing the vivid colors and numerous cultures that make this community so unique;you will ride,hear, and eat like a local as you make your way through the local market.

Duration : 3 hours

Distance : 8 km.

Attractions : Warorot Market

                     Sla mong Osot (Vintage Pharmacy)

                     Chang Klan ,muslim community

                     Wat Chompoo ,Blacksmith community

Price : 1,190 THB